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Soon, DJs Will Be Able to Mix Straight from SoundCloud

SoundCloud has announced a brand new feature that will allow DJs to mix tracks streamed from the site; they’ve partnered with some of major companies behind popular DJ interfaces. Soon you’ll be able to mix from SoundCloud’s massive catalog on programs like Traktor, Serato, Virtual DJ, DEX 3, Mixvibes and Hercules. The services aren’t set to roll out until 2019 at the earliest, with a 2020 expected release for certain interfaces.

This service has been offered by Spotify, in partnership with DJay Pro 2, but SoundCloud’s service has some clear benefits. Though both streaming services offer a large catalog, SoundCloud’s longtime association with electronic dance music is guaranteed to provide access to more of the unique, underground tracks that DJs will be looking for. Additionally, the large variety of interfaces inherently appeals to more DJs. If anything, this move shows just how in-tune SoundCloud is with one of their largest consumer bases.

Of course, much like most of the services SoundCloud has recently announced, you’ll need to purchase a membership to use SoundCloud on your DJ program. Even if you already subscribe to SoundCloud Pro or Pro Unlimited, you’ll need to add SoundCloud Go+ for another $4.99/month.

A few questions still remain unanswered about the streaming service. While being able to DJ without downloading tracks beforehand could open up possibilities for new DJs, potential latency problems and the uncertainty of relying on wi-fi connections while on the go could prevent a large number of performers from utilizing the SoundCloud service. We’ll see upon launch just how practical SoundCloud’s streaming services prove to be.

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