Almost 20 years in the dj booth doesn’t lie, and neither does the dance floor … which is where Xan Lucero has spent the last 2 decades playing House and Techno Music. He has spent over 2 decades traveling America exploring and driving dj booths and experiencing its dance floors playing a global brand of Underground Dance Music; both on solo adventures as well as with his partner, Atom Bryce as The Control Freeks . Together with Atom and on his own, he has held residencies all around America, created infamous weekly and monthly parties in 6 different states, made raves, run record stores, started disco’s, helped with various record labels and has generally lived his life playing music for people that want to hear it. The man is a true slave to the dance floor and has devoted his life to Underground culture and feels blessed to be lucky enough to be able to spread love and togetherness via the good beat.He is also an avid believer in flying saucers, frequently chases unicorns, and loves lasers.

Xan has recently relocated back to Seattle, where he originally started DJing 23 years ago and cut his teeth at his first residency at the not so innocent age of 19 and is enjoying a packed schedule of constant studio work, holding down a life changing resident DJ spot for legendary West Coast House Music institution Flammable (running over 1000 consecutive weekly parties), founded and maintained by his big bother and personal favorite DJ god Brian Lyons,and Seattle House father Wesley Holmes, where he’s been welcomed into the 26 year running seminal Seattle state appointed Historical Landmark venue Rebar.Lucero has also been picked up by the NW elite and staple brand, De La Creme, founded by his other big brother ,House master Karl Kamakahi.

You can catch Xan guest appearing on a weekly basis at literally every Seattle Underground Dance Music friendly venue, as well as hosting his own monthly and weekly parties, 10 year running (spanning 3 states) QUIVER, his new obsession WORK!,and PARADISE:Sunset Sessions, and continues to guest and tour around America.

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