Henry Young more frequently known by my alias Trenstero, am a Seattle based electronic music producer, artist and photographer. In 2013, I was inspired by deadmau5 which led to me downloading an app from the app store called Novation Launchpad. At first I had no idea what electronic dance music was, or how to make it. So I experimented on the Novation Launchpad app for 5 months until I realized that it was actually a thing you could get/play. So I got one at the end of December 2013. The Launchpad came with Ableton Live 9 Into for free and I started to experiment with live in late December of 2013.
Later I upgraded to Ableton live 9 Suite.

In the late months of 2014 I made a track called ”The Rights We Have” that is now deleted on my Soundcloud. Later in that year I released multiple tracks but deleted them.
My real first track that wasn’t on Soundcloud, was called Electric 8 Ball that was made in July of 2014 . In May of 2015 I released a track called ”Modern Skies” to Soundcloud, which was my first track since The Rights We Have. I later remixed that track which led to a popular liking on Soundcloud with 10 likes and currently 300 plays.

In 2016 I decided to take a year off. I realized that everything I was making from the past year was basically just experimentation and ideas that were never finished. So I focused my attention to promoters and labels for future stuff and decided to take a year off to really learn more about producing. Currently I just released two tracks, 場所を失った(Lost In A Place) and 夢を見る(Dream). I had other tracks from projects I had been working on that were meant to be released but due to my deadline I made, things were rushed and I decided to release two small tracks from a project instead. Also Earlier that year in April I released a small track called ”Remember”.

In August of 2017 I announced a consequential idea for an Album. Consisting of all my projects I’m working on, I’ve decided to focus on the album instead of finishing other projects. I’m producing this album for my revival. I think that I would like to spend more time on this since its been a idea since February of 2015. Also I would like to get the attention of promotors/labels to get me more noticed.

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