STRIVE was introduced to EDM early in 2006. It was a turning point in his life. He’d never experienced music that made him want to move…But after hearing some dope electronic beats he finally knew the joy of uninhibited dancing. Through the power of music and dance he was able to cope with the tribulations in his life, and was compelled to share that gift with others. Today STRIVE is widely recognized as one of the best Electro House DJ’s the Northwest has to offer.

STRIVE is a serious lover of House Music. Hard Electro, Dutch, Fidget, Tech, Bassline…His passion for the music is obvious, whether he’s shuffling in front of a speaker or rocking the CDJ-S. Dirty House music is what captivates him, and it’s the main weapon STRIVE uses to ignite dance floors. Be it a house party, an after party, an outdoor rave, a festival, or a warehouse banger, his energy is unrelenting, unmatched, and infectious.

2011-2012 proved to be whirlwind years for the young Portland DJ. 2011 saw STRIVE playing at every prominent EDM club in downtown Portland. He steadily smashed sets for virtually every prominent EDM production company in portland, slowly but surely earning a name for himself among Portlands most respected EDM DJ’s as well as the party going public.

Amidst a sea of wannabe DJ’s, STRIVE distinguishes himself with his refusal to use computers, his precision mixing, harmonic hijincks, track selection, and his ability to light up any dance floor with his energy behind the decks. STRIVE is guaranteed to leave you yearning for more.

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