Electronic music has many flavors, and this Australian born Canadian bass music fanatic has tasted and savored each and every one of them. His mantra “Tasty beets only…” is clear, from star-studded international festivals to down and dirty world renowned clubs there has been a time and place for each musical love story and it truly shows in his performances.

Breaking the genre barrier is what sidewaysounds is all about, and he does it in a way that keeps the dance floor guessing what will come next with each performance. Ensuring that focus of fluid musical continuity is never lost, sidewaysounds is sure to make your ear-balls ring with joy! Horns, trumpets and instruments of all nature play a central role in every set, seamlessly fusing the old with the new in a bass heavy, synth driven, vocal rich, feet moving vibration sensation station.

Having shared the stage with such acts as Illvis Freshly, Bousada, Slynk, The Freestylers & Fort Knox Five – If you like to dance, you’re not going to want to miss your chance to get sideways.

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