SIDE-EFX is a new Seattle-based “New Wave Bass House” duo. Markus Von Prause and Patrick Napper perform and produce highly danceable and textured electronic soundscapes informed by what it is to be human in this age of technological leaps and social/political divisions. Veteran synthesist/producer Von Prause and singer/multi-instrumentalist Napper initially teamed up to remix the debut single from UK female duo Kite Base. Having been aware of each other previously in various projects (Surrealized, Still Falling, Lushy) working together solidified their desire to form a duo.

The name SIDE-EFX is both a nod to electronic music production techniques as well as a commentary on our over-medicated society. With a shared musical vision and like-minded social and political stances, they have launched into writing and producing tracks for their forthcoming EP. Punctuated by Von Prause’s thick and texturized bass lines/ gritty rhythm production that draws from several contemporary EDM generas influenced by Nero, Underworld and Depeche Mode while Napper’s vocals hint towards Tears For Fears or Dave Gahan combined with production techniques that draws anywhere from Flume to Nine Inch Nails. SIDE-EFX takes you on a dark, danceable journey into the future while reminding you to question everything and to stay human.

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