Things have definitely changed for LouRawk in the 20 years since he first became a barstool jockey. While most students were out & about, LouRawk spent alot of time indoors perfecting his craft; definitively establishing his presence behind the wheels of steel at an age where most people were still worrying about who their college dorm roommates would be.

Now, at 25, he is steadily making his mark in the Seattle DJ/turntablist scene; with plans for world domination slowly making their way to the surface. As a born and bred musician, the walls of specific genres create no boundaries for LouRawk’s eclectic style. As a fervent believer of “loving everything about what you love” LouRawk’s taste satisfies anyone & everyone’s musical palette.

Music & dance is the universal language understood by all. As he speaks to the masses with his hands, LouRawk’s words will resonate in your mind; he questions in cuts & you answer in dance, and it’ll be impossible to forget the conversation you had.

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