I have been playing House Tribal/House music for almost twenty years. I started off with a real love for the darker dirty sounds of Drum & Bass and Jungle and now am falling hard for a lot of Glitchy Trap Bass music tracks. I love anything that has almost a Trip Hop old school Breaks sound and am looking to compose and produce a handful of really deep dark dirty tracks here in the near future so stay tuned they are indeed in the work’s as well as a few remixes. I am also studying Audio production and sound engineering at the Art Institute of Seattle’s Bachelor’s program and after I receive my degree at AIS, transfer to the University of Washington’s Computer science program. I plan on utilizing my education in Audio production and Sound engineering to help better my own production as well as enable me to further progress into the music industry. I look forward to any and all of your feedback. As an artist and avid Vinyl/Music collector I have made it a point not to get stuck in any particular genre and it’s pretty easy for me because when it comes to dance music, I love it all and love to play almost everything. Thanks for your support!!!

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