Ethan Gabriel, more frequently known by his alias Huntroxic, is a Seattle based electronic music producer and film maker. Inspired by music since early childhood, Huntroxic started producing in May of 2013, producing his first track Lost In My Mind in one night, which has now become his self proclaimed horrible debut. Huntroxic continued in the following two years to release 3 albums, Northern Solitude, Huntroxic Remixes Vol. 1, and The Journey as well as 4 EPs and a handful of singles. All of his early music remain on his soundcloud and youtube, as he has said he wants to show people they have to start from something to get somewhere.

In the summer of 2013 he along with his friends produced an album entitled “Summer Notes”, the album being meant to shed light on other producers as well as encourage more production and engagement with their music. The following year, a sequel album was released with a larger roster. The albums, outside of himself, featured artists such as Weldeon, Apato, Nar, as well as many others.
It was intended for a year hiatus before introducing a new album in the winter aptly titled “Winter Notes” but plans for the project never moved forward and were later abandoned.

Huntroxic first became noticed from his various films on youtube, including fan movies for Porter Robinson’s Worlds tour and Madeon’s Adventure tour, which were picked up and shared by various music blogs. In these films he produced and edited a full live concert movie by syncing videos of their respective shows online with live rips or remakes. Between both movies and their versions they have amassed a total of 450,000 views.

Since his last musical release in March of 2015, he has announced his music would be going into hiatus for an uncertain amount of time due to lack of inspiration. In February 2016, the disclaimer on his soundcloud noting that he was on hiatus was removed. He has said that he is producing an album for his revival from his hiatus, although he says production on the album is coming very slowly, as he wants to spend more time on it than his previous albums. No release date or any other information has been released on the album.

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