The most current project of long-time Dj/Producer AJ Sorbello, aka Gruv1. Producing a unique and catchy groove by blending the strong and distinct sounds of speed garage, tech house, and bass house.
Gruv1, A&R director for Build It Records, has released his music on Orphan Music, Da Way, and Build It Records. In 2014 his (End of Summer EP) broke the top 5 releases at #4 and has been supported by DJ’s globally, such as Naza, Orchid, Max Graham, Croatia Squad, and more. Gruv1 has been known to work with artists Titus1, Mesler, and Hon Solo. His latest EP “Without You” features a remix by Lenny Kiser. You can also find Gruv1 music on the Anomaly Music Collective. Anomaly’s first single release of Gruv1 – Tell Me, and Gruv1 – Grind’n on Volume 2.

Keep up to date with Gruv1 because his main goal is to make you groove.

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