An original member of “The DeeJay Family” (Brooklyn, NYC) DTL is spending double time as a Touring/Club Dj as well as spending time in the studio contributing production and feature vocals on upcoming projects with multiple artists, DTL is also currently working on his own Electro project entitled “We Are Everyone And We Are No One At All”. DTL makes the music, makes believers, and makes it possible to indulge in good music. Born in Berkeley, California, but raised in Indianapolis, Indiana DTL’s early music influence came from The Golden Era of Hip-Hop, R&B, and Dance. Coming from a family of singers, a career in the entertainment industry was a virtual certainty as DTL was already writing original songs at 9 years old. It was also about this time that DTL developed a talent for writing lyrics as an MC as well as DJ’ing neighborhood block parties. As the years past, DJ’ing and production began to be the more viable means of his artistic expression. Lots of house parties, club parties etc.. Hip-Hop tours and studio projects with other artists as well. As of January 2014 DTL has made himself the primary focus for in studio projects and still continues to spin different promotions as well as host his on radio program called “Loud As We Want” on KSER FM that features multiple independant artists.

Some of DTL’s influences are:

Earth Wind And Fire
Quincy Jones
Stevie Wonder
Michael Jackson
Calvin Harris
Daft Punk
A Tribe Called Quest
The Rolling Stones
James Brown
Jimi Hendrix
Morgan Page
Bob Marley
Carl Cox
Isley Brothers
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike
Major Lazer
Public Enemy
Dr. Dre

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