DJ Mikey Shadow is a goth/industrial DJ that is currently based in Seattle. He has been spinning tunes in the scene for almost 20 years. He specializes in music that flows and loves to keep the dance floor moving with wave after wave of dark music. His favorite styles are synthpop and electropop as well as music that typically wouldn’t be heard in goth clubs but is deliciously dark and fits right in. He was the resident DJ at Factory in north Florida for almost a decade and now holds residency at The Mercury and Resurrection in Seattle, Washington. He has also opened for many acts in the goth scene such as Imperative Reaction, Devision, Combichrist, William Control and many others. He has also shared the DJ booth with Romell from Razed in Black and Rogue from The Cruxshadows. Mikey Shadow takes pride in being strange and unusual and his motto is “let the music flow”.

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