Afternoon Diesel is a self-taught producer and DJ who has accumulated his influences from living in the Midwest, Florida, and now Seattle. Being an obsessive perfectionist, he’s waited over five years to release any music until now. You can expect uplifting sounds and passionate creations that will leave you with those good vibes. Afternoon Diesel opposes no electronic music styles, and he only changes a song if country music starts playing. His musical inspirations include Tupac, Eminem, Rob Zombie, Deadmau5, Skrillex, Kaskade, and Flume to name a few. It’s really about the music, not the genre.

The man behind Afternoon Diesel is a self-starter who takes a hands-on approach of making something out of nothing. He’s taken his scrappy attitude and applied it to electronic music by tirelessly focusing on continuous improvement. Though he’s unafraid of one-man dance parties, his thirst for providing high-quality entertainment to the masses is what drives him. Beyond that, he’s a competitor, entrepreneur, optimist, listener, and experiential learner looking to share something with the world.

The name “Afternoon Diesel” is derived from drinking super thick, ‘motor oil’ type coffee in the afternoon just to get you through the rest of your work day. Afternoon Diesel’s music has now arrived as a replacement.

“It’s all about good music, good friends, and good times. I pick you up!” – Afternoon Diesel

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