Tingting Wu

DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ List Creates Chaos in Dance Music Community

We all look forward to DJ Mag’s top 100 DJ list each year, not necessarily to see who is on the list, but to see all the chaos that it causes in the EDM world. Every year, when the top 100 list is released, DJs and fans go nuts. The list seems to have the same DJs on the list year after year, not keeping up with the current dance music trend.

With Martin Garrix winning the number one spot once again, many are questioning the measurement scale of the poll. We have seen a consistent trend that many artists winning the top spots of the poll is more mainstream. So, maybe instead of top 100 DJs, it should be changed to “Top Mainstream DJs in the Scene”.

Marshmello, who is one of the top 10 DJs on the list, voiced his opinion on Twitter after the list came out.

“This DJ top 100 thing should showcase all the top 100 up and coming talent. The big guys don’t need this list, it’s just an ego stroke. Imagine helping all the up and comers and giving them the shine, then it would have some real value”

We agree 100%. We are all about showcasing new artists and showing the world the hidden talents that surround us. We would love to see the top 100 list transform into a top 100 newcomer list. Seeing some PNW local artists on there wouldn’t hurt. With a change like that, we have hope that there will be less chaos in the EDM world over a list that comes out once a year.

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