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DJ Hanzel Anticipated To Play Select Mad Decent Block Party After Parties

I’m Dillon Francis, I’m from Los Angeles and I’m 26 years old. I love the Internet and pissing off your Mom and Dad (especially if they’re hippies). Love You.

Dillon Francis’ bio gives you a quick, straightforward summary of his personality: sarcastic, so don’t take him too seriously. The #Selfie King will be gracing select cities while performing at Mad Decent Block Parties. Fortunately for the Pacific Northwest, Dillon Francis is scheduled to play at the Mad Decent Block Party in Eugene, Oregon on September 20th.

Along with playing the Mad Decent Block Party, DJ Hanzel, Dillon Francis’ alter ego who is a deep house DJ, will be playing the Mad Decent Block Party’s after party. Try saying that ten times fast! DJ Hanzel expressed he couldn’t keep a secret and announced he would be playing select Mad Decent Block Party after parties. Since DJ Hanzel, we mean Dillon Francis, is already scheduled for Eugene, Oregon, we can only hope DJ Hanzel will make an appearance as well. Will you be joining us at the Mad Decent Block Party in Eugene this September?

Comment below if you’ll be in attendance!