Discogs Has Updated Their iOS App for Full Marketplace Access

Music fans on the go can look forward to an easier time purchasing rare music. The app Discogs known for allowing users to purchase records now lets iOS users buy directly from sellers. Full integration with Discogs’ marketplace is a step up from the previous version that redirected to a mobile website. Android users caught the update in January making the iOS experience finally up to speed.

The update has also allowed for full integration with VinylHub, a database of over 7,000 record shops worldwide. Combined with 40 million items available from 80,000 sellers on Discogs, the app is dominating record sales. Earlier this month, a copy of Prince’s The Black Album sold for $27,500 on the website, smashing their sales records. Their last record for Most Expensive Sale was the same album in 2016 for $15,000.

The website is familiar with seeing big purchases roll through it’s checkout. The BBC reports over $200 million was spent on the website in 2017, the most popular format being vinyl. Earlier this year, the website saw Love Me Do by The Beatles sell for $10,502. Runners up for biggest sales last spring include Pet Shop Boy’s Yes for $7,337 and Gorilla Biscuit’s self titled album for $6,144.

What lies in store for the record sales website remains unknown. These big purchases are no doubt a sign of renewed consumer interest in vinyl. Maybe it never left to begin with, but the website’s move to improve accessibility across platforms can only improve their ability to make sales.

What album would you pay 10, 20, 50, 200 thousand bucks for? What’s the highest you’d go for a rare record? Let us know in the comments!