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Dirtybird Campout Announces East Coast Location and Lineup

When Dirtybird announced that they were taking their wildly successful Dirtybird Campout to the east coast, we almost shouted with glee! For those unfamiliar with the notorious festival, Dirtybird sets up an adult summer camp every year where you can participate in group camp activities hosted by the label’s head honchos, bunk in cabins, RVs, or tents, plus spend a couple nights listening to music you won’t forget. This takes place in sunny California every year, but in 2018 Claude Von Stroke and his merry band of house heads are hopping coasts and touching down in St. Cloud, Florida, and things are about to get crazy.

Now, the lineup is chock full of the Dirtybird superstars like Claude VonStroke, J.Phlip, Ardalan, and Christian Martin, but they’re also bringing along some friends outside the label and tech-house genre. Such artists include blue haired dynamo Mija, drum n bass pioneer Roni Size, and Canadian techno giant Tiga to name a few. None of this is surprising considering the label’s proclivity for bringing in the best and brightest for their California jaunt, we’d only expect the same their East Coast premiere.

dirtybird campout counselors

The Dirtybird Counselors!

Now, besides the music, there’s also a ton of activities to keep you busy. The poster boasts “over 65 activities” including kickball, tug-of-war, comedy, and a whole lot more. The Dirtybirds host and facilitate all of these activities themselves, so there’s bound to be some excitement! Not much info is out quite yet beyond the lineup and dates, but we’re all eagerly anticipating the next wave of announcements!

dirtybird campout east lineup 2017

Who are we gonna see on the east coast for the first installment? Let us know in the comments!