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How You Can Help Bring The Dirtybird BBQ Back to the PNW

One of our favorite Summer events, the Dirtybird BBQ skipped the Pacific Northwest this year- opting for the other Washington (D.C.), amongst other cities. Want to see head Dirtybird Claude von Stroke bring his musical friends, and his grills, back to our region in 2018? With an online vote, you can help Dirtybird Cascadia do just that!

On Monday, von Stroke announced a city-vote contest: the winner being awarded the 2018 summer Dirtybird extravaganza. The contest is not confined to American cities either. Canadian cities are eligible as well!

To vote, click here. You’ll have to submit your name, email, and city you either call home or the city you want the birds to flock to. It’s one vote per person, and all nominations have to be entered 11:59 PM PST Monday, January 1.

What goes down at a Dirtybird BBQ? Check out our experience from last year’s party under Seattle’s famous Space Needle! Food, a sick music lineup, carnival games…fuck Winter, can it be Summer already?!

A full 2018 city lineup will be announced at a later date, so even if the Pacific Northwest doesn’t win this contest, there’s still a chance we’ll get paid a visit. Let’s not tempt fate though. Submit your vote today!