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Diplo Drops Explosive Music Video for Deadpool 2’s ‘Welcome to the Party’

Mere weeks after Avengers: Infinity War broke the box office record for highest grossing opening weekend, Deadpool 2 took the #1 spot. Not surprising, considering how well the first movie did. Things are looking very good for the Merc with the Mouth.

In general, the production value for music videos has gone up and this video is no exception. Pair amazing video production with the vocal stylings of French Montana, Lil Pump and Zhavia Ward and you’re in for a treat. And wow, does Welcome to the Party ever take us back to the gritty TNGHT hit tune R U Ready. That being said, we’re hoping to hear more of Zhavia Ward, her voice is magical.

Equally amazing is the music video for Diplo’s Welcome to the Party. Filmed in Los Angeles and directed by Jason Koenig, the music video takes it’s viewers on a wild ride, Deadpool style. The video features some clips from Deadpool 2 included in the video. However, the smooth scene transitions between the film clips and the artists joyriding through town are an absolute spectacle. You may even feel as though you’re along for the ride.

Check out the official video below! Also, if you haven’t seen the video for Celine Dion’s Ashes check it out.

Have you had a chance to see Deadpool 2? What do you think of Diplo’s Welcome to the Party? Let us know in the comments below!