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Dim Mak Releases After Movie For ‘Up All Night’ Stage at TomorrowWorld

It just wouldn’t be a festival without someone getting knocked down by a flying cake. Occupying their very own stage at the inaugural TomorrowWorld, Dim Mak Records threw down and threw down hard. Featuring the talents of Deorro, Borgore, Carnage, and of course Steve Aoki, the Up All Night stage was clearly the place to be.

TomorrowWorld Up All Night Dim Mak

It’s not a party until there’s cake.

The official after movie details all this and more, from Aoki and Autoerotique’s $1000 rock-paper-scissor battle, to Dim Mak’s first hardstyle artist Coone rocking the Q-Dance stage. Seeing all this unfold, it’s hard not to understand how TomorrowWorld may very well be the gem of the U.S. festival scene for years to come. Check out the full video premiere over at Rolling Stone, and learn more about the entire stable of Dim Mak talent here.