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“Wut Wut”: Dillon Francis Released A Spanish-Language Album

On September 28, 2018 Dillon Francis did something different. He released a Spanish-language album called Wut Wut. Known for his high caliber festival anthems, amusing vocals, and his panache for the unexpected, it’s no surprise that Dillon Francis would drop something off-the-wall like this album.

Dillon’s love of Spanish music has been apparent from early on in his career. Chalk it up to growing up in Los Angeles constantly surrounded by Latin influences. Yet his claim to fame was his dubstep releases with trap, hip-hop, and even moombhaton vibes. It wasn’t until Dillon Francis released a track with Diplo in 2011 that he cemented his love of moombhaton forever. That track was Que Que, a Spanish/EDM fusion track the kind you expect from Major Lazer not a master of dubstep.

Wut Wut reads more like a who’s who of Latin and EDM music than an album of Dillon Francis’ own making. Featuring artists such as De La Ghetto, iLe from Calle 13, and Young Ash. All very well known Latin music pop stars. Latin pop has been making waves on the mainstream charts thanks in large part to Daddy Yankee, J Balvin, Sean Paul. Dillon Francis is riding this wave of popularity to create the type of music that he loves and appreciates the most.

It’s an album like no other in EDM right now because it’s an entirely new venture. Moombhaton or raggaeton aren’t forefronts of EDM music, they are usually one-off tracks mixed into set to give it more global character. But Dillon Francis is showcasing the best of both worlds in an entire album that celebrates culture from both sides of the spectrum.

Dillon’s attention to detail and celebration of this type of genre has even led him to receive two latin grammy nominations for his track Sexo. That same track also received a Latin American Music Award nomination. His music isn’t just sparking a conversation about global cultures, but its also exposing an entirely new community to dance music in a way that hasn’t before been attempted. And people are starting to take notice!

In an recent interview with Rolling Stone, Dillon Francis discussed why he wanted to embark on creating a Spanish-language album and what his fascination with Latin music is, where it came from etc. You can read the full interview here.