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Dillon Francis With Sultan + Ned Sheperd, “When We Were Young”

Dillon Francis comes at us this week with the release of his brand new single with Sultan + Ned Sheperd, When We Were Young. This track gives us a glimpse of what we can expect of Dillon’s upcoming album titled Money Sucks, Friends Rule. The tracklist includes contributing artists such as DJ Snake, Martin Garrix, TJR, Major Lazer, The Presets, and a few more. All pre-orderee’s will be gifted with two tracks before the release of the album including Get Low with DJ Snake, and When We Were Young. The long awaited album is set for release on October 28th, just a few days before FreakNight 2014!

When We Were Young is upbeat and catchy, everything we come to expect from Dillon Francis. The lyrics add just a touch of the feels, which get amplified by high energy electro-synths and kick. The overall pop-like aspect of the track is sure to land it on the radio as another summer hit. Be sure to check out the supporting lyric video that came out on Dillon’s YouTube channel; you can find it below.