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Dillon Francis Reminds Us He Is Still A “Bigfoot” Producer

Dillon Francis may have caught a bit of flak lately for taking his jokester ways too far, but at the end of the day he still needed a lot of talent to get to where he is now. His remix of W&W‘s Bigfoot is just the reminder we needed to remember that under all the Taco Bell and and epic selfies and cat memes is someone who knows how to have his way with a track. The remix is a little bit moombah, a little bit trappy, but too catchy to disregard. Upon listening the familiar smile that comes with a dirty bassline crept up and it didn’t disappear until the track ended.

We were more than a little excited to see Dillon’s name on the Freaknight lineup and are hopeful we’ll have more to share from him after the epic Halloween adventure at WaMu. One of the things we love about Dillon is he keeps us on his toes, whether it’s with a new alter ego or an unexpected new remix. We look forward to seeing what else Dillon comes up with next, whether it be on the hijink end of things or with another epic track. Give it a listen and tell us what you think. Are you excited to see him at Freaknight?