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Dillon Francis Drops New Sign Language Lyric Video for “Say Less”

The comical DJ overtook the EDM scene by storm this past year with his entertaining personality on social media. From his Bachelor recaps to his new show “One Deeper Talks”, Dillon brought us to tears with laughter. Now Dillon is bringing our attention back to his music by dropping a brand new track, collaborating with G-Eazy: Say Less.

When it comes to a collaboration with artists like Dillon Francis and G-Eazy, both dance music and hip hop fans has high hopes. We got what we asked for because Say Less is electrifying. The lyric video itself incorporate a balloon figure using sign language, signing out the lyrics to the song.

The concept of the video is out of the box and amusing. The song itself incorporates hip hop and dance music which is something we can’t say no to. Now, we’re going to Say Less and let you watch the video for yourself.

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