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Dillon Francis and DJ Hanzel Take Over BBC Radio 1 With “ONE DEEPER MIX”

Dillon Francis, the king of #selfies and alter egos, has taken it upon himself to unleash DJ Hanzel’s skills into the world yet again. DJ Hanzel, who is Dillon Francis’ alter ego, is “a German slipper-enthusiast” who is purely inspired by anything deep house. Annie Nightingale of BBC Radio One asked Dillon Francis to do a mix for her show.

Annie Nightingale asked me to do a mix for her Radio One Show and with all this album stuff I’ve been figuring out with my management I didnt have time sooooo I get my best bud who hates everything in the world except deep house to do it, DJ Hanzel

As you can tell, Dillon Francis passes off anything deep house to  DJ Hanzel, and what started as a parody ended up with Dillon taking a masterful foray into the genre. With a track list including The Way It FeelYou’re The One, and Your World you’ll be sure to be going one deeper soon enough. Let us know what you think of DJ Hanzel’s One Deeper Mix!