Dillon Francis and DJ Snake ‘Get Low’ in Their New Music Video

Dillion Francis and DJ Snake take raunchiness and ridiculousness “one deeper” in their new music video for Get Low. The duo clad in their bishts and agals, sit upon their thrones of speakers waiting for the madness to ensue. 

The video opens with waving flags, flares, butts, grillz and bicycles as smoke encompasses this chaotic scene. As the video progresses, so does the ridiculousness of it all. Men in ski masks ride around on their pimped out bikes while women twerk it out. In the mean time, Dillion Francis and DJ Snake are busy making it rain as they get down to the beat.

Girls defy gravity with their out of this world dance moves as the duo now watch from their thrones of colorful plastic chairs. When the bass drops again, two girls start booty shaking like they’re in a Tyga music video. Dillion Francis and DJ Snake “lose it” as they get the biggest case of googly eyes known to man.

Get Low is a hilarious cinematic mess that gets across the raunchiness and fun-loving spirit of the song. We can always count on Dillon Francis to create a montage of comical absurdity.