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Dillon Francis’ New Alter-Ego “Emo Preston” Reviews Febreeze

Oh daylight savings. Losing an hour of sleep sucks, but, on the plus side, we’re an inch closer to the start of Spring! With that: warm weather, more sunlight and…Spring cleaning! What better way to start the new season than by dusting and spraying down your place of living? A good smelling home is a major key, so when it comes to picking out the best air fresheners for our homes, we turn to Emo Dillon Francis.

One of our favorite social media follows, Dillon Francis, has taken to the Internet to introduce his newest alter-ego, Emo Preston. Sporting pushed-aside bangs and a black t-shirt, Preston can usually be found crying, bitching or rocking out to the likes of My Chemical Romance. Emo may not be in style the way it was in the 2000s, but don’t tell that Preston. Recently, he took over the DJ booths at an Emo Night event in Los Angeles, showing that the art of emo DJjing isn’t dead quite yet.

Like Francis’ other alter ego, German house music superstar DJ Hanzel, Preston always has something to say when given a camera. The latest thing on his mind? Febreeze. Take a look:

Out of the four samples Preston tries…well, let’s say there isn’t a stand out favorite. The closest to that would be the “Hawaiian Aloha” scent, not because it smells great (Preston says it smells like shit), but because it would be good for opening a mosh pit. Whatever you do, don’t buy the “air” scented Febreeze…that would be the “worst one”.

Who knows what Preston will do next, but he’s one to keep an eye on. Which Febreeze would you buy if you had to chose one? Did Emo Preston convince you that you need Febreeze? Drop a comment and let us know!