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Destroid Remixes That Will Knock Your Socks Off

Are you ready for the ultimate remixes of your favorite new Destroid tracks? Remixing artists include Bar 9, Datsik, FuntCase, along with others. Destroid consists of three heavy hitting dubstep masters, Excision, Downlink, and Kj Sawka. When these artists work together like we see here, ears begin to cry all over the world. Why you ask? Because the resulting sound from any one, two, or three of these combinations is so massive and bass-heavy, it shakes the very core of the earth; and we love it.

With five remixes to listen to, you’ve got some solid work ahead of you. We challenge you to listen to all five in a row, if you dare. We could tell you the differences between each remixed track, but instead, all we’ll say is they are incredible, each in their own bass-filled way. We don’t want to ruin it for you, so cue them up, crank your sub, and prepare to have every bone in your body shaken. You’re welcome.