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Decibel Festival: It’s Not “Goodbye”, It’s “See You Later”

The Northwest electronic music scene was rocked by the announcement that Decibel Festival will not be returning this year. The announcement came from Decibel founder, Sean Horton, who penned an emotional letter on the brand’s website. For many of us in the Northwest and around the world, Decibel Festival was a unique festival that focused on the artistry of the genre and the many forms it takes. You could see all types of flavors of music you most likely would have never heard of given the marketing of other mainstream acts. It’s a festival that’s been unlike any festival out there and so many people will miss it, including us.

The good news is that it isn’t over. Sean Horton explained in his letter that it is taken a break for the near future. Horton explains:

“Some of you know, last fall I made the difficult decision to leave the Pacific Northwest after 20 years. Since my departure, I’ve found a welcoming home in Los Angeles and a career working for one of our oldest festival partners, Red Bull. Considering the new career path and distance from Seattle, it is with a heavy heart that I am announcing that after 11 straight annual editions, Decibel will be taking an extended break. Know that Decibel as an organization will continue and this is temporary and much needed break.”

When the next Decibel Festival will be, we can not know for sure. But the passion that Sean has for this festival and the electronic music scene in the northwest is not likely to waiver. You can read the full letter on the Decibel website by following this link. If you want to continue to support a similar event in the same spirit, there is still the “Chance of Rain” event coming up from September 28th through October 2nd. This is event is promoted by former Decibel Festival staff who are dedicated to the further advancement of electronic music in the Northwest.