WTF is a DDP!? (and Why You Need to Attend One)

Partying has always been a part of our culture, and never exclusive to just the dance music scene. In the past several years however, the glamorizing of the “party scene” has lead to its loss of definition. What once was a way to let loose and be yourself has now become a world of red velvet ropes and LED lit nightclubs. Clubs selling the “party experience” at sometimes thousands of dollars per table and outrageously overpriced bottles. Partying has become less about the music, and more about alcohol or drug consumption. A night out, which once used to be a way to dance and forget your worries has now become a game of showing off and snapchat selfies. While this certainly doesn’t hold true everywhere, or even for everyone, partying has certainly lost its way a little, that is, until the DDP came along.

The DDP or “Decentralized Dance Party” is just that: a separation for the now accepted and generally defined “party scene”. To be put simply, a “Renegade, social experiment that’s united hundreds of thousands of people in ecstatic public celebration”. Imagine a flash mob of brightly dressed, amazing people, armed with boomboxes on a mission to disrupt your social conditioning. We’ve had the pleasure of attending a DDP in the past and can tell you without a doubt, it’s one of the best experiences you’ll ever take part in!

Thanks to the help of a mobile FM transmitter and a phone app, Tom and Gary has been able to draw people from all across the city and converge on a single location. That location doesn’t stand forever as its constantly roaming and using the city’s architecture and landscape as its dance floor. With seven years experience the DDP is proof that “If you do something respectfully, you can bend society to your will and do amazing things”.

Something we’ve also really appreciated the DDP for is their “Party Manifesto”, a seven part document that outlines their vision of the DDP and successful partying. From clothing and props to music and dancing, their manifesto is something that we’d love to see applied to more than just a DDP, but ANY party. To our surprise, our first DDP back in August felt as though the members all stayed true to their word. The biggest things they point out is their views on alcohol, which they prefer to stay at home.

“People drink a lot at most Parties because most Parties are boring and drinking is therefore necessary to loosen up and have fun. This is due to poor music, dull clothing, lack of props and lame atmosphere; all of which inhibit singing and dancing and living free. But if the Party is really good, the atmosphere alone will inspire people to lose their inhibitions and freak out and drive the energy to ridiculous heights and make it an incredible experience for everyone. Creating a Party like that is very hard to do, but it should be the goal every time.” – The DDP Party Manifesto

With what can at times feel to be a world full of negatively and things gone wrong, the DDP is proof that not all hope is lost. At our core we are all humans, trying to make our way through life as best we can. The DDP puts us on a level playing field and shows everyone as equals. No one cares what your job is, where you live or how much money you make. Your race, sex, religion or political views all don’t matter as long as you bring a positive attitude and your dancing shoes. It’s easy to get wrapped up the party scene but the DDP is a reminder of what the essence of a party should be.

The DDP is a form of expression, and a single idea that has grown into something global. It’s a break from what most people have grown to accept as normal, and a reminder why we party in the first place. Their next DDP is coming up quick with NYE just a few short weeks away. Skip the over priced club tickets, long waits and pricey drinks. Put on your brightest outfit, grab your best prop and a few friends and turn on the app. The DDP will be celebrating the coming of 2017 all over the city of Vancouver, with individual parties all joining the main meeting spot at 9pm.  From there,the crowd will take over the city in what will surely be a night of memories and wild times.

We encourage everyone to give the DDP a chance and get one under their belt at some point. They truly capture the spirit of a party, while remaining anything but normal. Cut loose and let your hair down; its a proven fact of science that dancing is good for you! So rather than jumping into another club and buying into a prepackaged NYE experience, create your own with 1000’s of others across the entire city. For more information check out the official Tom and Gary’s DDP website.