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Dear Producers & DJs: A Love Letter to the Artists Who Changed Our Lives

We'll never be able to repay you, but we can try.

Dear Producers and DJs,

To the DJ that made us rethink the EDM scene and let us see something more than what many media stations portray. Who helped create a place that would allow us to express our individuality for a night (or weekend), and created a moment that our doubts went away and pure happiness was expressed.

To the DJ that spoke up and shed light on issues and misunderstandings. Who took time to show and explain how much more there is to the electronic dance music scene. To the musician who truly believed in each and everyone of us, and allowed us the platform to speak up and be heard.

Thank you.

It is not everyday that you find an artist that speaks up, and reassures us that we have found a home in their music. Thank you for not letting us get too discouraged by people who may not understand, and allowing us to express ourselves in kandi, flowers, and fur. Because of you ,we believe that people can find comfort in music, and we realize through our love for music that we aren’t all so different after all.

So thank you for creating the music, the voice, that found a way to speak to our hearts and created a understanding that otherwise felt unachievable. You opened doors that may have never been possible, and connected life-long friends.


A Music Enthusiast

Having said all this, we have a question for you: When life is not going as planned, and the world seems to be full of hate, think back to what made you fall in love with this genre.

What producer made you fall in love with EDM?