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Deadmau5 Delivers with Highly-Anticipated W:/2016ALBUM/ [Review and Tour Info]

Let Go (feat. Grabbitz)

The only track with vocals on W:/2016ALBUM/ Let Go delivers a smooth lyrical feel that will leave you in awe. Grabbitz’s smooth singing draws in the listener’s empathetic emotions to give you chills. The lyrics fit well with deadmau5’s hypnotic, prominent beats and varying crescendos. This highly anticipated collaboration will definitely leave you with chill-induced vibes. The extended 11 minute edit also on the album provides us with an extra four minutes of poignant lyrics and mesmerizing beats.

No Problem

The intro to this track definitely leaves you surprised. Its majestic intro quickly transitions to sharp electro harmonies. No Problem almost makes us think of a soundtrack to a retro space/alien odyssey. It’s synth solo resonates with the sci-fi futuristic element that Joel wanted to include in the album. The rapid chord progressions with electro, yet funky sound give a unique touch to techno techniques.


The first single release that deadmau5 has released in two years, Snowcone gives the listener a touch of ambiance. It’s light, somewhat shrill chord progressions give off the essence of dancing snowflakes, if you’re thinking of the title in context to the song. The atmospheric sound is said to have heavy influences by styles similar to Sigur Ros and Boards of Canada. It’s relaxing, trip-hop vibe will definitely be good for keeping us warm this winter.

Three Pound Chicken Wing

One of the tracks deadmau5 produced on his live stream, Three Pound Chicken Wing, has garnered the attention of the electronic music community. It has definitely shown a lot of development from its live presentation to mastered production. The eerie, calming parts of the song quickly transition into a plunky bass line that drives the song forward.

Whelk Then

In the concluding track, deadmau5 leaves us with an uncanny air. The first couple of seconds continue the extraterrestrial vibe mixed with alluring vocals to provide a cinematic feel. The combination of gothic piano, powerful synths, and a trip-hop loop bring varying chords and discords to encompass our ears. It’s the most experimental track off the album, but also very fitting for his studio conclusion.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we know the album may not be Joel’s favorite or best in comparison to older ones, but there are a lot of great tracks on here. Many have a fun experimental style, and no one track is the same. It definitely shows deadmau5’s raw talent. The dude can just mess around with his production, yet have the ability to vary genres, techniques, and styles seamlessly.

There was also a subsequent tour announcement upon the release of the album, which included Seattle as one of the nine city stops of his tour. Tickets sold out within an hour and a half for the April 22nd show at WaMu theater, so a second performance is now occurring on the 21st. You can get tickets here for $47.45 after fees and taxes. We’d jump on it quickly though, with how rapidly the first show sold out, we can only assume the second show will as well.

Which Deadmau5 performance will we be seeing you at? What are your favorite tracks off the new album? Share your responses with us in the comments below!

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