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Opinion: All of deadmau5’s Studio Albums, Ranked

Releasing his eighth studio album last week, EDM-darling deadmau5 continues to showcase why he’s one of the best in the business. The Canadian artist’s latest work, W:/2016ALBUM/, is 11 more songs to add to his already-impressive discography. We already have a few favorites from the fresh batch of tunes. Looking back at previous releases from the mau5, we’re not surprised that’s the case.

Deadmau5, also known as Joel Zimmerman, recently shared his thoughts on the new album, many of which were less than pleasant. Citing a lack of time, motivation, and personal issues, deadmau5 tweeted “i don’t even like it…”, before the release of W:/2016ALBUM/. Whether defense-mechanism, or honest-criticism, Zimmerman back-tracked a bit, following positive reactions from many fans and more. He tweeted “…maybe i shouldn’t be so critical of everything i do…”.

When creating a work of art, perspective is sometimes hard to obtain. When you’re one of the top producers in the music industry, and one of the faces of a movement you struggle to connect with, there’s bound to be some friction. Deadmau5 is more accustomed to friction than most, but we’re happy it hasn’t inhibited his ability to produce and release high-quality music.

So happy, in fact, that we decided to take a look through the legendary artist’s discography, and rank his studio albums in order from our least, to our most favorite. With eight albums, over ten years, we had plenty to go through.

We’ll be enjoying a large sampling of deadmau5 tracks over the coming months, as we wait for his return to the Northwest at the WaMu Theater on April 22. We left W:/2016ALBUM/ off of the list for now, as it’s just too new to rank. But with time, we fully expect deadmau5’s latest album to stand among his very best.

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