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Deadmau5 Calls Deorro Out For Angry Tweets At Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland plays host to many of the worlds DJ/Producers over the course of three days. Normally we don’t hear the minor issues that the artists experience behind the scenes, but this year Deorro voiced his frustration via Twitter, and boy did it spread like wildfire. Deorro started by calling out Tomorrowland for denying his agent a food token, which was followed by a flood of angry tweets about Tomorrowland’s morals, and his personal efforts of feeding people in need. The tweets were seen by thousands, but one artist in particular had something to say about them. Can you guess who?

In a typical Deadmau5 response, the master troll himself felt the need to give Deorro his two cents, and many agreed with his retorts. But it wasn’t just Deadmau5 who spoke out to Deorro.His fans also spoke up in utter disappointment. Do you think Deorro is in the right, or are you on Deadmau5′ side? Ask yourself, what would you do in a situation like this? We’d love to know!