Deadmau5 Announces an Indefinite Hiatus After Offensive Comments

In a shocking release, Deadmau5 has announced an indefinite hiatus. The producer shared a document via his Twitter saying he’s been experiencing “a very difficult period”. He goes on to reference comments he had made of a homophobic, transphobic and ableist nature, which he takes “full responsibility for.”

In addition to his apologies, the producer shares that his goal has always been to uplift his community, and that he’s fallen short of that. In conclusion he commits to removing himself from the spotlight and spend time working on himself.

Deadmau5 announces his hiatus and plans to work on himself.

This comes after a tough week for Deadmau5. Earlier he was accused of making transphobic comments via twitter. Now a video of the man behind the mouse mask criticizing Slushii’s music surfaced. What he had to say wasn’t very nice; it shows him mask free, describing Slushii’s track Luv U Need U as “AIDS fucking music” and “seriously autistic shit”.

Slushii was quick to respond, sharing his disappointment in Deadmau5.

The young artists tells his followers that he looked up to deadmau5 and that he finds the video upsetting. In addition to expressing his dismay at deadmau5’s comments, he called him out for using his platform “to bring others down.” Here’s hoping his downtime is spent in a positive and productive manner for his health and well-being.