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Datsik to Showcase Brand New EP Alongside Portland Performance

The Northwest has made no secret of its bass-heavy leanings. Go to any festival, club, or massive featuring an act within the genre and odds are you’ll see a packed crowd. It’s why events like Safe in Sound and Bass Academy are so insanely well-received, and it become the lifeblood of the local scene in the process. Among the laundry list of PNW bass favorites, Datsik resides in the top tier. Hailing from Kelowna, BC, he’s made frequent stops in both Seattle and Portland, and soon, the latter will be one of the first cities to hear his new EP live.

The new EP, entitled Darkstar, is a showcase of Datsik’s versatility as a bass producer. Featuring heavy drops and genre-busting appeal, it’s pretty much a master class in where the genre is headed next. It releases this Friday, March 25, and if you’re lucky enough to snag a ticket to the Crystal Ballroom in Portland on that same day, you’ll get to hear it up close and personal. Datsik will be passing through with Ookay in tow, bringing fans a unique chance to be there in person on the day of Darkstar‘s release, while raging to the bass of two genre luminaries.

Join the event on Facebook here, you can pre-order the Darkstar EP now, and grab tickets to the Portland show while you still can!