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Datsik Tears The Roof Apart – Literally – At Concord Music Hall

We all joke about how much the bass shakes the floor and rattles our brains, but “tearing the roof off” is better as a figurative statement than an actual reality. This was the case in Friday night’s Datsik show in Chicago’s Logan Square at the Concord Music Hall. According to city officials, the rattling vibrations from the booming sound system and heavy bass caused the ceiling’s plaster to dismantle and fall apart. CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW for an amazing – and far too close – video capturing the incident:

Luckily, no one was seriously injured, although 3 concert go-ers were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. Datsik took to Twitter to apologize to his fans and to promise a make-up show, and to say how grateful he was that no one was hurt:

datsik tweet chicago concord roof

If you are brave enough to attend Datsik’s Assassins Tour hitting the Northwest in Portland and Seattle at the end of the month, tickets are still available. We are certain that both venues are going to take extra precautions to make sure their venues are stable and secure for the bass. We are thankful no one was injured and hope that all music venues take the necessary steps to ensure a safe and sound environment for their guests. For now, thank the Bass gods, and be careful what you wish for!

destroid concord music hall datsik roof

Destroid FIGURATIVELY tore the roof off the Concord Music Hall earlier this year.

You can still enter to win tickets for both Datsik shows hitting the Northwest! Only 4 days left!