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Datsik Brings Ninja Nation Tour to the PNW for 2017

Let’s just get this out of the way…the PNW loves bass music, and arguably as much, if not more so than the so called “Bass Capital of the World“. So when Datisk announced his Ninja Nation tour this past November we were a little hurt to not see any PNW dates on the schedule. With Virtual Riot and Crizzly in tow, along with PK Sound and a new “Shogun” stage, the Ninja Nation tour was shaping up to be a banger. While the rest of the country was plenty excited for their tour dates, we’ve had to patiently wait in the cold PNW in hopes we’d get a stop.

With an EP release as an early Christmas gift, December just got a little better with five added PNW stops to the Ninja Nation tour! We’d be lying if we weren’t  a little excited to have Troy and friends coming through this coming March. With more artists making the move of bringing their own production on tour, 2017 is looking bright…literally.

When it comes to what to expect from the Shogun stage, well, we have no idea! It’s been a while since we’ve seen Datisk on his own stage. And with the advancements that technology has made in the last few years, the possibilities are pretty much endless. Excision’s Paradox stage that debuted this year completely blew our minds, so we can only hope Troy has taken some notes from Jeff.

Tickets are currently on sale at $20-$25, so it’s pretty much an obvious choice. With the Ninja Nation Tour making stops in Salt Lake City, Eugene, Boise, Spokane and Vancouver, it’s looking like the PNW will be getting plenty of love. While there’s currently no Seattle stops announced just yet, we’ve got high hopes we’ll be granted a stop from the Shaolin Bass Master himself. While we patiently wait for March to come we’ll be playing the Senei EP on repeat. Which stop of the Ninja Nation tour will we be seeing you at? Leave a comment with your city below!