Darude Surprises With Live Sets From Both Tomorrowland Weekends

Darude, the 39 year old electronic dance music producer from Finland has just released both of his live sets from weekends one & two of the world famous Tomorrowland Music Festival. Darude, known for his progressive & uplifting style, delivered nothing short of that within this years time slots at the ‘We Love The 90’s’ stage.

Darude speaks with great joy while rehashing his experience at Tomorrowland. “If you haven’t been to Tomorrowland, go there.. I swear, it will be the most fun you’ve ever had at a festival”. In the intro of his weekend one set, Darude mentioned that the crowds were absolutely rockin’. He said he had so much fun both weekends, he refused to not upload both live sets! Darude handled the crowd’s excitement and energy perfectly;  he really knew how to make full potential of the crowd’s participation. About halfway through the weekend one live set, Darude successfully recorded and live mixed the crowd chanting during Bassdrop. He then showed off his true potential as a DJ by implementing these vocals back into his live set, creating a truly awesome effect!

Let us know what you think of Darude’s two Tomorrowland sets below! Which one did you like better?