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Darren Styles is Returning to Spread the Word of Hard Dance to Seattle

This Thursday, Volume Nightclub will play home to Darren Styles, hosted by Phase 3, Nu Breed Entertainment, and Seattle Hardcore. The happy hardcore legend returns to Seattle to deliver us some of the hardest beats, and the most upbeat melodies that will keep us stomping our feet and pumping our fists until the sun comes up (well, until Volume closes for the night at least). The last time we saw Darren Styles, he threw down at a pulse pounding show at the sold-out Kandyland, which marked Styles’ first appearance in our fair city.

Darren Styles has been a mainstay in the happy hardcore landscape since the mid 90’s, releasing hits and chart-topping albums the whole way, tearing a fast-paced, thundering hole in the sonic landscape. The commercial success of Skydivin’ helped him maintain his place at the top with tracks like Save Me and Sure Feels Good and cemented his place in the annuls of dance music history.

With such a rich musical history, there is no telling what Darren Styles has in store for us this at Volume. One thing is for certain though, it will be fast, it will be hard, and it will be happy. Join the event page on Facebook, grab your tickets over here, and get ready for a Thursday night sure to blow your mind!