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Danio Management Begins Slew of Shambhala 2016 Set Releases

Danio Management is releasing the Shambhala 2016 mixes from each of the six artists who represented the crew this summer at the Farm. Doing it one-by-one, a week at a time, the Kelowna-based outfit is helping extend our Shambhala-vibes into November. Danio Management, founded by Tomas Avendano in 2011, kicked-off the releases today with Stickybuds’ set from the Fractal Forest. We can never have enough Shambhala live-sets, and are looking forward to the rest of the series this fall.

Stickybuds will be joined by fellow Danio-mates and Shambhala-favorites Slynk, Featurecast, K+Lab, JPod, and Fort Knox Five in releasing their sets over the coming weeks. With sets from the Fractal Forest, the Living Room, the Grove, and the Amphitheatre, we’ll have a fantastic variety of tunes to enjoy from the Danio Management crew.

Try as we might, getting to every set we would like to enjoy during Shambhala is simply unrealistic. We’re extremely thankful to Danio Management, the artists, and of course Shambhala, for giving us the chance to experience, or re-live, the incredible performances from the festival throughout the year. You can keep track of the releases from Danio Management by checking back on this page each Thursday, or by checking out our piece keeping track of every release from Shambhala this year.


Let us know which set from Danio Management’s lineup of artists you’re most excited for, and how much fun you had at Shambhala this summer! Comment below, on Facebook, or reply on Twitter!

Fort Knox Five ft. QDUP

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