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Got 5 Minutes? DanceSafe Needs Your Help With Harm Reduction

Take the survey and get a 10% off DanceSafe discount code!

For those of you who are not familiar with DanceSafe, this is a good time to get to know them. DanceSafe was founded in 1998 by Emanuel Sferios in San Francisco with one soul purpose: provide common sense harm reduction services to ravers.

Since then, DanceSafe has become almost synonymous with harm reduction and the efforts being made in that field. Their most notable public view is that they have brought pill testing or drug testing to the forefront of the nightlife and electronic music communities. They have also set up the only “publicly accessible laboratory analysis program for ecstasy in North America, currently hosted and managed by Erowid at EcstasyData.org,” according to their website. Among other things, they also promote education through non-biased literature, safe sex, and hearing loss prevention.

In an effort to keep these services going, they need help finding out what is actually going on in the rave scene as far as harm reduction is concerned. Right now you can take a quick, completely anonymous, 5-minute survey to answer a few questions about your harm reduction experiences and knowledge. The survey runs though November 30.

This data is vital for the harm reduction field and can seriously help DanceSafe better focus their efforts to reach as many people as effectively as possible. As an added bonus, after you take the survey you will be given a discount code to use in their harm reduction services store. Included in their store are testing kits, which are an important tool in the harm reduction movement.

It’s crucial for us to do what we can to support these great organizations, like DanceSafe, by helping them collect the information that furthers their research, which in turn, helps us. We have to be the change we want to see in the scene. We have to take action to see that change and this is one of those actions. So take the time to follow this link and show your support to the dance music community.