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Dada Life’s Olle is Taking a Touring Break, Stefan Still Performing

There’s been nothing but good vibes sent towards Olle from Dada Life after his touring break announcement. On a Facebook post, Olle touched on the physical stress of performing show after show. Back in 2014, the duo became a one-man show for a while due to Olle’s cancer scare. Health comes first. Though Olle mentioned his break from touring has nothing to do with his cancer scare, he is still in need of a long rest.

Stefan will keep the Rules of Dada alive by continuing to tour while producing with his other half in the studio. In the dance music community, there has been nothing but support for the touring break decision. We wish Olle the best on this break and success on upcoming projects for the iconic duo. As for our readers, being healthy is the most important thing, you can’t go to all those festivals without feeling your finest. Take care of yourself and each other. We will see you on the dance floor.

Dada Life Facebook

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