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Prepare Yourselves: Crookers is Coming to Seattle

Crookers has never been one to follow the trending sounds of EDM. Rather, Francesco Barbaglia has made a career off of his one-of-kind sound that challenges our opinions of what defines house music. Now we’ll get a chance to see him firsthand, when he lands at Foundation Nightclub on Friday, March 20th. You’ll likely recognize any one of this well-known tracks as one that are played out in club sets everywhere, making him a trend-setter in a dance music culture rife with followers.

As the founding member of Crookers, (Barbaglia) has shown the ability to not only create massive club hits but also a desire to push the genre forward through fearless innovation and a tireless work ethic.

That will to innovate is exactly what makes Crookers perfectly suited for a Seattle scene that’s always been more partial the stranger aspects of dance music. Grab tickets to the show now over in this direction, and join the event on Facebook to stay updated!