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Crewneck Had Us “On The Edge” [Event Review]

For the those of you who are not familiar, Crewneck is a Seattle/ Portland-based electronica band. Last Thursday, StoryTime entertainment in association with Etopia & AWOL Events hosted an eclectic evening of music centered around Crewneck’s new EP titled On The Edge. The event was hosted at Seattle’s famous Vera Project in the Seattle Center.

Their style of music is fascinating to us at DMNW. We have always been fans of the band-style approach to electronic music. So often we going out just to see our favorite producers DJ. But then some people come along and give us a live show. Big Gigantic, Dabin, Griz, or Pendulum are great examples of this small niche of the electronica world. And now we have Crewneck in their own little niche of the electronica band market.

The whole group — consisting of Aleksey Leo Weyman, Josslyn Lozano, and Ian Miclat — is included equally and provides vocals. It’s a truly cohesive unit with each member contributing unique elements, like Weyman giving an R&B/Hip-Hop style rhyme scheme juxtaposed to a very (and we don’t say this in a bad way) Disney-esque style duet between Lozano, and Miclat with By My Side. 

The short and sweet characteristic of their music is R&B infused with Electronic Jazz. This isn’t going to be the main-stage banger or party music, but more subdued and sexy. Definitely a band you want to see with you significant other for a romantic evening. Much like Deep House or Chillstep. But don’t let us tell you what to think … You can check out their EP on Bandcamp.

Overall the performance was really good, despite a few feedback and lighting production issues that distracted from the music. There was also an issue of being able to discern the guitar from the rest of the sounds, but eventually that was sorted out, and it sounded great. Though it’s honestly something that is to be expected from a venue as bespoke as the Vera Project. Given the perfect situation, the band would have had the crowd eating out of their hands.

We look forward to seeing them live again and highly recommend you check them out when you have the chance!