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Creamfields Planning a Special Orchestral EDM Performance

Creamfields unveiled plans for a performance by a 40-piece orchestra in celebration of the festival’s 21st birthday. The Kaleidoscope orchestra will make its debut on Saturday August 25th, and will play a multitude of dance classics. This announcement follows release of some major additions, including the Generator and Silo stages. The performance will feature a touching tribute to the late Avicii, who has made several appearances at the festival throughout the years.

The plans follow a general trend towards the inclusion of live instruments in EDM performance and are particularly reminiscent of deadmau5’s collaboration with composer Gregory Reveret. It also follows suit with tyDi’s orchestral album and Pete Tong’s performance with The Heritage Orchestra in London last year.

Cream, the company behind Creamfields, promises that the set will be “unmissable,” and we suspect they’re right. The serene sounds promised by the Kaleidoscope Orchestra will surely be a major hit with festival attendees, while adding an exciting, new element to the festival experience.

What classic dance tracks would you most want to hear played by the Kaleidoscope Orchestra? Let us know in the comments!