French producer CrazyMT released his second EP, Wind, last week. The EP features six tracks, three new originals and three remixes, now available on Beatport.The 25-year old released his first EP, Right Way, last October. Both releases have come off of the Jet Set Trash label, which specializes in heavy electro, dubstep, and metalectro. Another on the growing list of quality young French producers, CrazyMT puts together a unique combination of electro house, heavy bass, and even some heavy metal to create a harmonious sound that begs for listen after listen.

Wind follows a similar sound and style to Right Way, showcasing CrazyMT’s ability to diversify a sound that takes a melodic focus on bass music, rather than one focusing on drops. But, that doesn’t mean the art of the filthy drop is lost on CrazyMT. Proof of that is in his monthly free releases, a 2014 goal for the producer. He has kept up his end of the bargain thus far, releasing a new track each month this year.

CrazyMT had help from fellow producers RoughMath, Determinators, and Macrowave for remixes on Wind. Each artist remixed one of the originals from CrazyMT, with RoughMath’s version of Wind stealing the show.

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