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Some of the Craziest EDM April Fool’s Day Jokes We’ve Seen This Year

Ah, April Fool’s. The one day a year it’s acceptable to play silly, unkind, or just plain cruel jokes on your friends and family. The EDM world is no exception to this day, especially given the way our community utilizes the internet to connect.

This makes us quite the target for April Fool’s Day pranks, and because of this, we’ve scoured the web for some of the most hilarious jokes. From the Tesla / Serato Announcement and not one, but two ‘confirmations’ of Daft Punk going on tour, the jokes were out of this world.

Check out some of the best ones from this year below.

Bellchella Festival

Information about a new festival in Bellevue popped up today and while the ‘festival’ is 100% fake, we can’t help but have a chuckle. The “lineup” is partially released, featuring the names of popular artists Drake, Taylor Swift and Beyonce. It claims attendees can camp out overnight in the park with access to full amenities. The article goes on to say that the money raised will go to the AFD Fund. Go here to check out the article (and the hilarious ‘website’ link).

Bassnectar forms cult, under FBI Investigation

EDM.com shared an entertaining story about the FBI investigating Bassnectar forming a supposed bass cult. Apparently, the FBI bought all of Bassnectar’s “browsing data and phone records from Mark Zuckerburg”. To learn how you can become immune to this new phenomenon, click here.

Red Rocks roof construction

We’re so glad that this isn’t real.

Shaq and Gronk form DJ supergroup

Would we be entirely upset about this? No. Are we also glad it’s not real? Yes. Absolutely yes.

Daft Punk announces reunion at Lollapalooza 2018

Every year, there’s some rumor of Daft Punk having a reunion and every time our hearts break a little more.

..And a reunion at Red Rocks

Again, this happens every year. We’re not surprised anymore.

Supreme announces collab with Pioneer

Supreme and Pioneer ‘collaborated’ for a limited edition drop as part of Supreme’s SS18 drop.  Pioneer’s CDJs, the DJM-900 NXS2, and the RMX-1000 were allegedly getting a gorgeous red and white design.

In this April Fool’s Day story, Mixmag interviews a kid who says, “I borrowed my dad’s credit card and started queueing. Looking to get all three bits for my bedroom but might allow the remix thing.” Normally, this might not sound like a huge deal…except for the fact that the entire kit was said to cost a hefty £15,000. That’s $20,058.50 USD, or $27,147.14 CAD.

Supreme X Pioneer

Tesla X Serato Announcement

Watch the video, it’s worth it.

Jeff Mills to be First DJ to Perform in Space

We wish it was real too.

Ibiza clubs bound by law to give out free water

While most of us would love it, this one can definitely be filed under ‘too good to be true’.

Which one of these fake April Fool’s jokes do you wish were real? Comment below, on Facebook or reply on Twitter!