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Cosmic Gate Talks ‘Materia: Chapter One’ and How To Avoid The Bandwagon

Nic and Bossi give us the quick update about their new album and how to be an original artist

Cosmic Gate is one of the longest standing Trance artists in modern electronic music. Composed of Nic Chagall and Bossi, this German Trance duo has been in the game for 20 years. With that extended resume of experience, there’s no doubt that they have a vanguard status in a lot of fans minds. With that in mind, we wanted to take the opportunity to ask them a few questions about their latest album, Materia Chapter.One, music production, and navigating the current Electronic Music climate.

1. Can you tell us more about the concept behind the Materia series of albums? What are you hoping to accomplish?

CG: To release the new album in chapters was not planned from beginning. It was actually a process that came about during the album production. We simply had too many good track ideas /- demos that we wanted to release for one album. We never produce a track in a day or two. Another reason why we like the concept to bring out two chapters is, that we give our fans more time to really explore the music on each Chapter. To release 17 tracks as we did with Start to Feel is great, but when people 4 weeks after release ask, so when do we hear new music, then us as the people that have been busting on the album for a year don’t really know how to react to such a question. It’s a project that took all our heart, soul, energy and mostly creative potential for more than a year, its not like pushing a button and saying, ‘hey, there is more music for you’… So, yeah, we spread the release. Hopefully its gets Chapter One people excited and urges them on for Chapter Two’s release.

2. Did you have any specific production or songwriting goals with this album that were new or different?

CG: We always try to let our selves go in the studio and see where we end up. Especially when we produce an album, we are absolutely free in our mind, as not every track has to be a single. For example tracks like “Fireflies” or “Halo“ would have never come alive. The only goal we have with every single or album is we have to like it. We would never release a track we don’t feel! But if we have to point out something that’s different to the last one, we would say we went a little bit back to your roots. Tracks like ‘Yai; and ‘am2pm’ inspired us to do so. Both tracks were so well accepted and this motivated us to do more of it.

3. In a recent interview you said “Trance has diverted into so many sub genres…to really know which directions it will develop to is really hard to predict.”  Two years later, do you still feel the same? Where do you hope trance will go in the future?

CG: Yes, we still feel the same. You have progressive trance, uplifting trance, psy trance, hard trance, big room trance… and every sub-genre is bringing so many new talents. All in all we think this is a positive movement. More sub-genres means more diversity and that’s not a bad thing at all. We hope that trance stays like this and that the trance family movement keeps on growing and growing!

4. How is Wake Your Mind Records? What’s it like to be a major touring artist and still run a large-scale record label?

CG: It’s fun! But luckily we have a team around us helping to get it all organized and done. Currently we are in touch with Steve Brian about a new release we are very excited about. So yeah, we try to keep them coming.

5. After nearly 20 years of success, do you have any advice for trance artists and DJs working hard to make it in a pop- and EDM-dominated world?

CG: We always say: Be original! Do what you feel and love, don’t copy others, just because they are successful. In the end it’s only the original artists who survive. If you copy you might be around for a year or two, as long as that hype lasts and then you have to jump on the next bandwagon. This was never an option for us.

6. Finally, is there anything else you’d like to say to your fans in the Pacific Northwest?

CG: Yes, we would like to thank you for your ongoing support and we can’t wait to party with you all again in Seattle on our Materia Album Tour! See you on the dance floor!!

Nic & Bossi are definitely primed for an amazing year (again). With out a doubt, you should never miss their shows when the come through your town. We at DMNW will be heading to their show at Foundation Nightclub in Seattle this Saturday, January 28, and we hope to see a lot of you there. Head to cosmic-gate.de to get the latest tour information.