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Corporate Slackrs Break Out Of The Mold With 90’s Vibe Track, “Paul Franks”

AJ, Sean and Devin “are not your average white boys”. The Florida trio makes up Corporate Slackrs, a group dedicated to breaking the “cookie cutter” mold and providing their listener with free music.

If it says buy, its for free! –Corporate Slackrs

Corporate Slackrs’ most recent track, Paul Franks, not only has the option to download for free, but features a “90s breaks and electro feel”. Paul Franks is an original track that AJ, Sean and Devin created with a unique vision in mind. Before the final release of Paul Franks, Corporate Slackrs decided to alter the track a bit more and add Melbourne bounce elements, giving it an even more upbeat and fun vibe. Corporate Slackrs showcases a huge list of crowd-pleasing songs on their Summer Slackr Tour, with Paul Franks ranking high on the list. Take advantage of the free download of Paul Franks and let us know what you think of  Corporate Slackrs’ latest release.